Monday, November 12, 2012

Go Use tDAR (the Digital Archaeological Record)

Do you all know about tDAR? You can upload data, documents, photos, etc., and share them with other researchers, or keep them temporarily private for your own storage needs. It's currently free, but will cost a fee starting in December, so check it out now.

Karen Gust Schollmayer brought tDAR to my attention when she asked for some data that was part of my first real publication, over a decade ago. I couldn't find my original files. I must have failed to transfer them during one of my computer upgrades. Understandable, but unacceptable. 

I've recently started using Dropbox (which I love) for my active files. It allows me to work from home or office without worrying that I don't have the most recent version of my document, and it stores my files in the cloud, so they can't be lost. I'm now going to upload all my old data files to tDAR. I won't make them public without permission from the project PIs, but I don't want to lose any more data.


  1. "in the cloud, so they can't be lost"

    I'm sorry to note that this is not a safe assumption. Quite a bit of cloud data has been lost over the past few years. Redundancy is still the way to go - but one or more copies in the cloud is a good idea.

  2. Thanks for the tDAR shout-out! It has a lot of potential, I've already used datasets from there in a couple of projects.